influencing and impact

Influencing and Impact Programme


London: 7th & 8th February 2019

A two day highly experiential and high impact programme that will increase your knowledge, confidence and skills in this critical competency area.  The group size is 9 – 12 people who are supported by 3 senior facilitators thus affording participants the benefit of personal feedback and coaching which adds to the quality of the output.

The facilitator team have global experience of running these programmes, have outstanding impact with audiences and have advanced qualifications including doctorates and masters degrees.

Pre-work and a password to link in with our learning page immediately engages you in the learning journey.  Post-programme follow up telephone coaching helps participants embed their learning.

This programme is an excellent ‘end to end’ experience for all managers and leaders.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.

presentation skills

Presentation Skills


Warwick: 24th & 25th January 2019

A two day highly experiential programme equipping you to present with the WOW factor!  This programme will increase you knowledge, understanding and most importantly your confidence and presenting skills.

Dr. Elizabeth Healy, supported by another senior facilitator, will draw on her extensive experience as an actress and television broadcaster as well as her PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London to work with you closely in helping you deliver a brilliant presentation leaving your audience wanting more

The group size is between 9 and 12.  Pre-work and a password to link in with our learning page immediately engages you in the learning journey.  Post-programme support plans will help you embed your new skill confidently.

In a market place littered with with presentation skills programmes, the quality of our delivery team and attention we pay to your overall experience are key reasons to choose this one.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.

Inspiring Performance Programme


Birmingham: 30th & 31st January 2019

This 2 day programme equips you with the tools, confidence and skills to inspire greater performance in others.  Have you ever come across a business or organisation that doesn’t need performance to improve?  No.  Neither have we.  Being able to article exactly ‘what improvement’ each individual can make is a skill in itself.  This programme provides you with the language to send clear messages on context, individual change opportunities, behavioural expectation and much more.  It helps you understand the difference between ‘inspiring performance’ and ‘managing performance’ and when to move from one to the other.  Inspiring performance delivers win / win outcomes and raises employee engagement.   Traditional management are not effective in our changed world. “Inspiring” suggests much more than telling and delegating.  “Inspired” suggests much more than doing.  The difference is created by authentic yet structured conversations that induce a change in mindset, emotion and behaviour.

At Space2BE, Inspiring Performance programmes are second nature to us.  The senior trainers in this area have underpinning capabilities in HR & Performance as well as core strengths in leadership coaching. Our two senior facilitators work closely with each participant.  There are no more than 12 people on a course.

The course has a small element of pre-work and an opportunity to join our course learning page. In addition there is a follow up coaching call with each participant to help you embed the learning. You can then become part of our ‘inspiring performance’ community.

Overall, attending this course not only enables you to ‘inspire better performance’ from others – it also provides you with a medium term support network to help you with your performance challenges.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.


Coach the Coach Training Programme


Stratford upon Avon: 5th & 6th March 2019

Our Coach the Coach programme will provide you with high quality leadership coaching skills and practical guidelines for applying them in organisational life.  The programme is a perfect blend of tutor input, participant practise and tutor feedback, group support and planning for application.  It consists of a 2 day workshop plus a single session of coaching supervision. By attending this programme you will; learn different coaching methodologies and where your natural preference lies, experience what it is like to be coached well, understand more about yourself – your personal drivers and world paradigms, learn how to flex your style if required, take note of different ways to structure a management coaching conversation, explore more about your own coaching impact and make decisions on how you may want to vary this.  This experience will make you  feel more confident in using coaching techniques with your direct reports and colleagues in everyday business conversations.

At Space2BE, blending coaching and training is our sweet spot. You receive a high impact, highly experiential and well informed programme.  Our trainers are senior executive coaches who have undertaken their masters degree level executive coaching training through leading business schools and university accredited bodies and have thriving coaching practices.  They are also coaches of other coaches, known as ‘supervisors’ in the industry.

The course has a small amount of pre-work which includes a pre-session conversation with us and an invitation to join our learning page.  This early engagement adds to the overall experience.  After the workshop, and in addition to the supervision session you will be invited to join the Space2BE ‘leaders as coaches’ group where you can gain further support as you practise your new skill at work.

Attending this course provides you with an excellent ‘end to end’ experience whilst gaining this critical 21st century leadership skill.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.

Negotiation Skills for Senior Managers & Leaders


London: Dates tbc.

Negotiation is THE core business skill. Whether it is negotiating the ‘big’ things like a contract or a large sales deal or whether it is one of the hundred micro-negotiations with colleagues that take place every day, our ability to get the best outcome is a key factor for success in our career or building our business.

This programme consists of a 2 day workshop and a follow up coaching session.  It is led by Simon Horton – an expert negotiation trainer and coach.  He has been teaching Negotiation Skills for 15 years. He has taught hostage negotiators, he has worked with some of the top law firms in the world and business leaders in every sector. He is a Visiting Lecturer at Imperial College, University of London and is the author of the best-selling ‘The Leader’s Guide to Negotiation’, published by The Financial Times.

By attending this course you will; improve your negotiation planning, learn structured frameworks for achieving win-win outcomes, improve your own negotiation impact and gain enhanced confidence so you feel ready to deliver your best ever deal. 

There is a small amount of pre-work, a link to our learning page, access to numerous practical resources and a follow up coaching call. A high quality learning experience that supports you in developing this core skill.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.

Commercial & Financial Awareness Programme


Leamington Spa, Warwickshire: Date tbc.

The universal language of business is finance. This is the language used to describe, explain and evaluate the results of all actions and decisions taken by management.  Commercial & Financial awareness is important for all managers and leaders in all sectors.

This 2 day programme is designed to increase your commercial knowledge and business confidence by developing financial knowledge & skills. Our senior trainers are highly qualified and experienced in the world of finance having led many finance teams across numerous sectors in management, director and board level positions.

By attending you will be able to; examine financial statements and describe the financial performance; select and apply appropriate financial measures to financial statements to assess profitability and viability; describe and demonstrate methods of cost control and management; examine methods of budgetary management and their contribution to long term financial stability and evaluate options and make recommendations for investment in long term capital projects.

It is important that the course content meets your needs accurately so a short diagnostic process will take place once you have booked your place and the course content is tweaked appropriately.  You will receive a link to our learning page and join the Commercial & Financial learning community.  This is an excellent opportunity to be trained by senior consultants with executive experience in the field of finance.

*Price includes lunch and refreshments on both days but excludes overnight accommodation.