The Leadership Take On The People Profession

May 17, 2016High Performing Teams, HR

The CIPD in association with Workday have presented a survey report of “Leaders’ views of our profession”.   This report is based on survey findings from 143 senior HR leaders and 152 non HR senior leaders and is an excellent read for anyone interested in driving performance through people and positive work place cultures.    Below we have summarised 7 key findings that stood out for us and posed a question or two for you to consider as you reflect upon your own people priorities and how best to deliver them:

Survey 1

Our thoughts – If this rings true for you, have you ever considered hiring external expertise to help you deliver these areas on a retainer arrangement?  This way you can achieve the desired goals at a much lower cost.  At Space2BE we offer retainer deals for 9, 12 and 18 months.

Survey 2

Our thoughts – This is a concerning statistic.  If you feel you would have answered similarly then please talk to us.  We regularly write strategically aligned and highly useable people strategies for our clients.

Survey 3

Our thoughts – As we know, culture can be many things and is an influential factor for the health and wellbeing of your employees.  Together with our team of wellness experts we are currently writing business aligned health & wellbeing strategies that provide clients with clear steps including quick wins on how to ensure the culture, processes and behaviours of your business support embrace employee wellness as an a achievable goal.  If you’d like to find out more let us know.

Survey 4

Our thoughts – Did you know that there is a psychometric tool that predicts future potential?  It also has the ability to measure both motivation and talent.  Our team of qualified assessors can help you if you’d like to find out more.

Survey 5

Our thoughts – Some organisations have gone beyond ‘performance management’ and instead focus on building high performing and self-sustaining performance, however, this statistic clearly shows that there are many businesses that simply aren’t ready for that yet.  This is an area that is also embroiled with employment legislation so care is required.  If your performance management process and leadership skills for managing it aren’t in place, performance will not improve.  If you need help with either of these let us know.

Survey 6

Our thoughts – Again ‘leadership development’ appears as being critical to yet another people strategic goal.  Has your organisation got a leadership development strategy?  Do you have fair and objective talent systems in place to help with your succession planning that inspire your talent to develop and stay?  How engaged are your employees and more importantly, what are you doing to improve it?  We have our own employee engagement model, survey and interventions to help you raise it.
This short video tells you more:

Survey 7

Our thoughts – We were delighted to read this finding!  Many of you will know given your own journeys that executive / leadership coaching is a highly effective way of facilitating heightened self awareness, increasing capability and motivating behavioural change, often within a context of complexity and pressure for business results. Based on the positive results we see and the feedback we receive, we continue to recommend this effective development solution for senior managers, leaders and key talent.

Often our clients want to spread the positive power of coaching across teams, however, at a lower price. To achieve this we have helped many clients train their own managers as coaches so that a coaching culture can be built.  Feedback from the workshop we ran 3 weeks ago was excitingly outstanding.

At Space2BE we also have coaches of coaches (we call them supervisors).  In addition to coaching your senior and key talent, we believe in helping you build this critical skill internally to be used more broadly, so provide innovative ways to support your managers and leaders with their continued growth of coaching skills.

Mentoring is becoming increasingly popular too.  We’ve just established a great partnership with an organisation that has been providing Peer to Peer Board level through to C Suite mentoring for over 15 years.

We hope our summary of key highlights from the recent CIPD’s HR Outlook report has been useful, and that our questions and thoughts have served as positive prompts to your thinking about your people agenda. If you are further intrigued and want to read the full report, you can find it here.

Do you currently have people challenges that are unresolved? If so please contact either Karen or Rachel on; – 07747840880, – 07834 166320.