Strategy & People Consultancy

Strategy Creation

Upgrading your strategic conversations

Cultural Change

Shifting the silent language

Employee Engagement

Creating the conditions that induce employee discretionary effort

High Performing Teams

Ensuring the “whole” really is greater than the sum of its parts

Leading & Managing Change

Building the right mindsets, processes, tools and behaviours

Corporate Wellness

Take care of 'the whole' to drive sustainable high performance

Talent Management

Investing in the tools, processes and behaviours that nurture, develop and retain your people


Proactively identify the strengths and potential in your talent pool

Executive & Leadership Effectiveness

Board Effectiveness

A board should not necessarily be a comfortable place

Executive Coaching

Unleashing your inner excellence

Board & leadership meeting facilitation

External objective facilitation for critical meetings

Crisis Comms & Executive Presence

If you’re called to promote, protect or defend your company’s brand – be sure you know what you’re doing!

Executive Mentoring

Guided and supported by a more experienced, knowledgeable other

Leadership Development

Powerful, authentic conversations driving the right behaviours

Leading during times of disruption

Pragmatic, targeted support to help you survive during difficult times

Women in Leadership

Supporting the creation of diverse leadership teams

Financial Awareness for Board members

Tailored and confidential support for your top team building critical capabilities

Agile Leadership

Building advanced capabilities for advancing times

One to One & Group Supervision

A confidential place to be guided, developed, supported and restored


Supporting you to deliver the most appropriate governance for your organisational context

Capability Building Programmes

Leaders as Coaches

An optimal blend of leadership coaching skills and practical application for organisational life

Inspiring Performance

Becoming that leader that inspires others to deliver their best work

Collaborative Leadership

Developing skills for a new way of working in a connected and joined up world

Negotiation Skills

Developing your CORE business skill

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to recognise ones own and others' emotions and know how to manage themselves and others in different contexts

Influence & Impact

A key competency for top performers

Resilience and Wellbeing

A focus upon Resilience and Wellbeing has become an ‘essential’ part of leadership life

Presentation Skills

Lighting up the room with your message

Creating Transformative Spaces Online

Virtual Organisation Development

The coaching has been challenging and transformational

The high performing team experience exceeded my expectations…

High Performance Sales

Developing the Mindset and Functional skills you need to drive Sales growth

Everything starts in the mind

Complex, fast pace and disruptive are just some of the realities of our world of work. Given this context, as a leader in your organisation we invite you to reflect on some of the core elements that make up a business entity to help you identify which of our services you may benefit from.

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Space2BE solve business problems across all sectors. We advance the results of organisations, teams and individuals by shifting mindsets, building confidence and developing capabilities. We are your people partner that creates the change you want to see through the bespoke design and delivery of consultancy solutions. We help you build an organisation that has the capabilities to thrive in a disruptive market place. We live in challenging and forever changing times that necessitate the world of work to be so much more than it used to be. This inspires us.

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