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Meet Graham.  He is bright, quick and funny. Graham, a former Commando in the Royal Navy,  is also a highly astute Senior Strategy, Team & Leadership Facilitator.

During his 20 years of consulting, focusing on Culture & Team Change, Coaching and Executive Leadership Development, Graham has worked throughout the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America for a range of clients in both the Public and Private Sector.

Graham applies a solution-focused approach and brings a positive and creative mindset to the challenge of leadership development. He likes to observe what leaders and teams really do when they interact. His approach is very practical, and he has used a range of experiences – everything from using the outdoors, through business simulations to real work challenges – to help understand the performance gaps in teams but also give them a positive experience to build from. He believes the ability to hold effective and honest conversations is essential in high performing teams and works to develop that skill in leaders and teams. He should know as he’s led many teams in the past.  He believes it is critical to hold a mirror up to his clients and role model the behaviours expected in the team.  His entertaining yet challenging style enables him to do this brilliantly.

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