Our Coach the Coach programme is a highly effective training and coaching programme that is designed and delivered by senior executive coaches.  The programme shows your managers and leaders how to confidently use coaching techniques with their direct reports and colleagues in everyday business conversations.  Contextually, our ever-changing, highly competitive, fast-paced world requires leaders to develop, engage and motivate their teams, encouraging discretionary effort which adds value to the bottom line value.  We know that traditional management and leadership styles do not achieve this in the long term.

At Space2BE, blending coaching and training is our sweet spot.  You receive a high impact, highly experiential and well-informed programme that takes participants on an experience that provides numerous touch points for learning, in turn making them competent management coaches. Our trainers are senior executive coaches who have undertaken their masters degree level executive coaching training through leading business schools and university accredited bodies.  They are also coaches of other coaches, known as ‘supervisors’ in the industry.

Organisationally, this programme has the power and potential to create a common language and approach that can if executed well,  deliver you a high-performing culture.  Individually, your managers and leaders will not only gain a lot of self insight they will learn a leadership style that will deliver greater team performance and prove useful for the rest of their career.


Space2BE provides both bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ programmes for building executive, leader and manager coaching capabilities in addition to one-to-one coaching and supervision for anyone wanting to improve their coaching skills. We also provide consultancy support for organisations that genuinely want to create a culture that is aligned to their goals for example; innovative, engaged and high performing through the use of coaching and growth conversations. Our coach the coach services are:

  • Coach the Coach programme

    A 2 to 3 day programme that shifts confidence and coaching capabilities

  • Follow up individual coaching

    Two 1.5 hour coaching sessions, at three and six-month intervals

  • Coaching culture consultancy

    Recommendations and design of fit-for-purpose tools and processes

  • 1:1 and group supervision

    To support your management coaches in the long term

Trust us to

  • Provide you with high quality executive coaches to train and coach
  • Be up to date about coaching in the workplace
  • Provide a high impact learning experience
  • Be able to help you integrate individual learning with bottom line impact
  • Help you create a coaching culture
  • Provide follow up medium and long term support for participants