Collaborative working is required when mutual desired outcomes can only be achieved by crossing functional and organisational boundaries.

Collaborative working is a 21st century capability, borne out of the necessity to ‘do business differently’ to thrive in our increasingly complex operating environment.

At Space2BE we have been delivering leadership workshops and exploring collaboration in executive coaching programmes since 2005.  We also provide team coaches to collaborative projects.  It is a new way of thinking that requires a new mindset, different capabilities and often, a guiding light to achieve unique and successful outcomes.

Building collaborative capabilities within your organisation opens up new opportunities and the potential for your business to profit in new areas.



In addition to running capability development programmes building collaborative working skills, we also provide one-to-one and team coaching specifically aimed at enhancing a collaborative mindset and methodology often linked to real life projects.

  • Collaborative working workshops

    Leading collaborative working and delivering collaborative outcomes

  • Collaboration coaching

    1:1 coaching support specifically targeting collaboration challenges

  • Collaborative project team coaching

    Designated team coach to support collaborative projects

Trust us to

  • Provide you with the latest thinking on effective collaborative working
  • Be supportive, inspiring and good at building your capabilities
  • Partner with you to create a learning experience that is tailored to your organisation
  • Make the learning stick through our post workshop application coaching sessions