Employee engagement describes how motivated and committed employees are, incorporating the perspectives of both well-being and performance.   As such, “it offers a mutual gains view of the employment relationship, seeking both the good of employees and the organisation” (CIPD).

It is likely that you are an HR Director of a large organisation or a CEO of a medium sized organisation seeking help in raising employee engagement levels in order to improve performance in this increasingly competitive environment.

At Space2BE we offer a diverse range of support to help you manage and raise employee engagement, in both consultancy and development form. Whether your challenges are strategic, cultural, procedural or hierarchical, or related to leadership, management or communication – we can help.

Clients who have taken part in our employee engagement programmes typically see enhanced retention and performance figures.



Our services for employee engagement fall under consultancy and development. Here are some examples of what we do for our clients.

  • Employee engagement survey

    Our unique ENGAGE survey is based on extensive research

  • Focus groups

    To gather additional insight on employee engagement

  • Employee engagement experiences

    Workshops and other experiences to raise engagement levels

  • Employee engagement consultancy

    A bespoke journey depending on your unique needs

  • Ongoing support

    Creative methodologies to keep engagement levels high on an annual cycle

Trust us to

  • Use a holistic approach encompassing vast experience of organisations, culture, engagement and performance
  • Offer pragmatic solutions
  • Partner with you on the journey
  • Make recommendations that will raise engagement levels