Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a rapidly changing environment, one of the biggest challenges facing organisations and business owners today is how to deliver sustainable sales growth. One thing that has not changed is the impact of salespeople on the buying decision. In a series of research studies, most organisations identified the salesperson as a deciding factor in whether to purchase from one vendor or another (Hoffeld, D. 2016). However, the findings also revealed that most salespeople are ineffective and actually hinder sales instead of making them, with only 37% of salespeople being consistently effective.

It is therefore necessary to combine foundational selling skills with the right mindset to achieve optimal performance in a sales environment because selling starts long before you speak to a prospect or customer, selling starts with how you feel about selling, the stories and beliefs you hold about selling. Selling first starts in your mind.

Huma Khan, is Space2BE’s sales expert and specialises in helping salespeople build the Psychological and Functional skills they need to deliver sustainable sales growth. Huma’s background includes over 20 years of commercial leadership experience working across multi-national brands and SME’s. During her career she has successfully delivered over 275 cost increases and contract negotiations including retailer joint business plans, winning her two industry awards with Sainsbury’s and Nisa. Since then, she has been researching and practicing Positive Psychology, runs a successful sales portfolio, has a qualification in Workplace Coaching and NLP, is an accredited Psychometric Practitioner and is also completing her MSc in Occupational and Business Psychology.


We offer a series of ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke training workshops all grounded in decades of expertise and evidence based research proven to grow individual sales performance:

  • Selling Skills workshops

    are centred around the key stages of Prospecting, Pitching, Closing and Nurturing.

  • Mindset workshops

    are centred around building the key psychological resources of Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism.

  • 121 Coaching

    is offered to support or embed learnings from workshops or as standalone sales and mindset coaching.

Trust us to

  • Provide leading edge sales training
  • Focus on the change that will make the difference to your performance
  • Support you throughout