High-performance teams need a shared purpose, an agreed strategy, aligned values and realistic ways of working in order to harness their collective expertise, focus their individual efforts and maximise output. Yet too often, high performers’ personal strengths don’t blend effectively to deliver on business-critical objectives.

You are likely to be responsible for a leadership or management team that is simply not performing, or need to shift gears from ‘good’ to ‘great’ for the sake of business efficiency, decision-making, morale, leadership, employee engagement, customer focus and performance.

At Space2BE our HPT consultants have a diverse range of experience working in, leading and developing high-performing teams in varying contexts for over 20 years.  We use a variety of cognitively engaging workshops and creative off-site experiential experiences that work to create a deep awareness and improve the relationship dynamics. Building trust and the ability to have deep honest dialogue is key to our work. In a world populated by virtual and global teams, this is more important than ever.

Organisationally the impact is most definitely a team that delivers better performance.  Individually, people taking part in the programme say they are happier (due to improved working relationships) and more able to deliver their work effectively because of enhanced cooperation from team colleagues.



Clients tend to ask us to support their team off-site on a quarterly or half-yearly basis  when strategic, team performance and relationship matters are given additional attention. All programmes are entirely bespoke and depend upon many variables, but the following elements of team development are typically included:

  • Team strategy workshops
  • Team development experiences designed to build trust and enhance communication
  • Consultancy support to develop processes and practical tools to embed high performance
  • Experiential sessions to produce agreed decision-making framework
  • Team coaching to provide independent observation, feedback and support for improvement
  • Individual follow-on coaching where required

Trust us to

  • Deliver fresh and innovative events inspiring sustainable shifts in team behaviours
  • Combine research and best practice with real-world experience
  • Partner with you ensuring we stay close to the shifting team dynamics and adapt our work to ensure the best outcomes
  • Provide team coaching to achieve positive cultural shifts