Effective influencing requires exceptional communication skills.  It’s a life as well as a business skill. Leaving a positive impact is about maximising your personal presence.  The more senior you climb, the more important this skill becomes.

You are likely to be an advancing manager or senior leader looking to hone their personal influencing and impact skills.  Alternatively you may be a HR Director or CEO looking to improve this capability area across their business and require a credible supplier to help.

Space2BE have been designing and delivering influence and impact programmes for multinational businesses since 2003. Our core team of influencing trainers have advanced skills in communication, psychology and business.  We run bespoke as well as open programmes in this area.

The impact of this programme is experienced in the growing effectiveness of daily business life.  Individually it results in quicker decisions from others, win-win outcomes and an improvement in your leadership brand.


Our bespoke influencing and impact programmes account for your culture, common language and typical business challenges.  Our open programmes are two days in length with an optional follow-up day six months later focused entirely on practise and feedback.  We also provide webinars and one-to-one coaching in this area.

  • Bespoke influencing and impact programmes

    A highly experiential two-day programme tailored to your needs

  • Follow-up workshop

    Optional one day intensive experiential workshop embedding the new skill in the medium term

  • Open influencing and impact programme

    Our core programme based on global best practice experience

  • Influence and impact coaching

    1:1 tailored coaching to deal with specific influencing challenges

  • Influencing and impact webinar

    Enhancing knowledge to quicken the pace of capability building

Trust us to

  • Increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in this critical competency

  • Provide you with a fun, high impact development experience

  • Ensure relevance to your day job

  • Evaluate the learning