Improved performance is what every business and organisation needs but many of the traditional methods of achieving no longer work in our changing world. ‘Inspiring’ means much more than telling or delegating; ‘Inspired’ means much more than doing.  The difference is created by authentic but structured conversations that induce a change in mindset, emotion and behaviour.

As a director, leader or manager, you understand that there is a direct link between team performance and the bottom line. You recognise that you and your teams need to raise performance in your organisation and that this starts with improving employee engagement.

At Space2BE, Inspiring Performance programmes are second nature to us.  The senior trainers in this area are skilled and experienced in HR and performance, and have core strengths in leadership coaching. 

The impact of investing your time in this workshop will undoubtedly be individual capability enhancement in this career-enhancing skill.  Organisationally, it will contribute to enhanced employee engagement which in turn increases business performance. These programmes are best rolled out across many teams to ensure all colleagues are speaking the same language.



We provide both bespoke and open Inspiring Performance programmes. Bespoke programmes are tailored to your culture and account for your performance management methodologies. Both programmes include an element of follow-up individual coaching to help participants embed their new skills.

  • Bespoke programmes

    Typically a 2 to 3 day programme with follow-up coaching

  • Open programmes

    A two-day programme inspiring you to inspire others

  • ‘Inspiring Performance’ clinics

    A senior trainer attends meets with individuals who have signed up for support

Trust us to

  • Be up to date and knowledgeable in this capability area

  • Inspire you to inspire others

  • Adapt the programme to your company culture as required

  • Support and coach individuals in follow-up sessions