Leadership development deepens and broadens the capabilities of current and future leaders, helping them to develop and execute sustainable organisational strategies through the skilful deployment of a broad range of cognitive and behavioural skills.

In an ever-changing world, the role of a leader in business has never been so critical, complex and fast-moving.  Investing in the ongoing development and support of this critical organisational resource is paramount.

At Space2BE we help raise your leaders’ capabilities by taking them on a journey of self-reflection and value alignment. We provide them with practical leadership knowledge and tools through blended learning and by creating powerful experiences that engage them in developing an improved leadership brand and enhance their skills to deliver it. Put simply, we help leaders become more resilient and develop an authenticity in their leadership style that is proven to deliver a high-performing culture.

Our programmes support all levels of leadership and range in length from one day to three days.  We offer core leadership programmes and a suite of behavioural change programmes designed to enhance discrete aspects of leadership. Working with our inspirational and knowledgeable facilitators, your people will learn what it takes to raise their game and be the best they can be. Our programmes positively impact individuals’ confidence and capabilities which in turn, deliver positive organisational outcomes.

Mastering Leadership

Helping your teams get on track for success through our leadership programmes.  These programmes are well researched and designed, and brilliantly delivered.

  • First Steps

    A two-day programme that furnishes new managers with the basics of management and leadership

  • Good to Great

    A three-day programme for experienced managers, building greater self-awareness and capabilities

  • Strategic Leadership

    A two-day programme for senior managers, helping them to think and work strategically

  • Executive Leadership

    A three-day programme for C-suite executives, enabling them to learn, reflect, grow, and be supported and challenged

Mastering Behavioural Change

Help your teams get on track for success with targeted capability-building, tailored to your organisation’s needs.  This is core to our work so some of these behavioural capability programmes have their own page: Coach the Coach, Inspiring Performance, Leading and Managing Change, Influence and Impact, Commercial and Financial Awareness, Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Agile Leadership, Collaborative Working.  Many of these also run as ‘open‘ programmes.

  • Communication Skills

    A bespoke two-day programme of advanced communication skills

  •  Customer Service Skills

    Bespoke one and two-day programmes developing core/advanced skills for delivering customer service excellence

  • Personal Effectiveness

    Bespoke one or two-day programmes building personal resilience and personal effectiveness capabilities

  • Mindful Leadership

    A two-day programme of proven mindfulness practices and effective leadership theory. More impact, less stress.

Trust us to

  • Deliver workshops that are transformational, producing extraordinary leaders and teams
  • Have an immediate and significant positive impact on your business results
  • Provide rich feedback through confidential assessments, peer conversations and follow-up coaching
  • Enhance your ability to focus through our holistic approach to leadership development
  • Make the learning stick through our unique application coaching sessions after the workshop