Leading change is not the same as managing change. The former is about drive, vision, empowering lots of people, transformation and accepting an element of ambiguity. Managing change is about detailed execution, control and minimising disruption. A respected researcher and author on the subject, Professor John Kotter, tells us that most organisations spend most of their time ‘managing change’ and not ‘leading change’, which will become an issue in the future.

We all know that change is a constant.  This doesn’t make leading and managing it any easier. Many of us human beings ‘resist’ change – which is probably why, according to popular research, as many as 50% of major change initiatives fail.

At Space2BE our broad and diverse team can assist you at any point of your change requirement whether it’s strategy, tactics, capability building, change support or acting as an informed reflection partner. We are experts in organisation, team and individual change.

The impact of our work shows in your enhanced change capabilities and delivery success.


At Space2BE our broad expertise enables us to support your change programmes in several ways. We can co-design the programme of change and support its implementation through hands-on consultancy. We can provide you or your change champions with confidential resilience-building conversations where you reflect on what is and isn’t working and what might work instead. We can create bespoke change toolkits for your managers and leaders to use everyday and provide bespoke training in how to ‘lead’ and ‘manage’ change so your people have the skills to navigate the journey.

  • Consultancy support

    Part-time, interim or project

  • Change supervision

    One-to-one or group

  • Change toolkits


  • Leading Change workshops

    Bespoke and open

  • Change engagement

    Workshops for employees

Trust us to

  • Bespoke your programme so it is a perfect match for your business

  • Provide you with the relevant ‘change’ expert

  • Be your confidential change partner