“Supervision is where we wipe the sweat from our brows and dirt from our faces, wash our hands, look at ourselves in the mirror and get ready to become an ‘ordinary’ person again, without a ‘role’ or ‘function’. To do so we need to bring our newly acquired experiences, impressions and reflections up to the surface, review them and sometimes give them a clean, and then muster up the courage to process our emotions, undertake honest reflection and integrate our recent experience into our broader consulting practice” Erik de Haan (2012).  Ultimately, supervision is in service of the business or organisation that the work of consultancy, change, coaching is taking place within.

You may be an internal HR/OD Director or Change agent, an Executive Coach or Organisation Consultant who is spending large amounts of time coaching, consulting and supporting individuals, groups and organisations.  You are likely to need a safe, confidential place to go to process your work and receive what you need in service of your client and to sustain your practice.  This could be for support (restorative) learning and growth (formative) and monitoring (normative) (Inskipp and Proctor, 2001).

Space2BE has a number of qualified supervisors who provide one-to-one and group supervision and run both in-house and open, external sessions.

Those who have participated in our supervision sessions say they have gained development, support, an ethical perspective, and an opportunity to reflect.  For organisations, the benefits are typically maximisation of return on coaching, systemic organisational insight and confidence in the quality of service being delivered.


Deepening and refining your practise – internally or externally…

  • 1:1 Supervision

    Minimum of six 90 minute sessions per year, face-to-face or virtual

  • 2020 Group Supervision

    Closed group for Coaches / Consultants.

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  • 2020 Group Supervision

    Closed group for HR / OD / Change leaders.

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  • In-house groups

    Bi-monthly, three-hour, suitable for internal coaches OR change agents OR HR teams.

Trust us to

  • Deliver you a professional supervisory practice
  • Introduce latest supervision tools
  • Maintain confidentiality