Presenting with the WOW factor is when you finish your delivery and leave the audience wanting more.

In a time-poor economy where people are overrun with messages from a plethora of communication mechanisms, the craft of delivering a killer presentation is essential.

At Space2BE, Dr Elizabeth Healy heads up our Presentation Skills programmes, supported by four other outstanding impact skills trainers.  Elizabeth draws on her current experience as a television broadcaster and actor to inform her work as well as her PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London.  We help you improve you and your teams’ or your organisation’s presentation skills by offering very practical training courses for groups and supporting individuals through confidential coaching as they prepare for critical meetings.  We will leave you knowing what it takes to be a truly brilliant presenter and having practised it myriad times, believing you can do it.  

The impact of our work is seen on a daily basis as your people start to impress their colleagues with their presentation prowess.


A versatile offering to suit your needs, which accounts for your industry, what great communication looks like there, your people and the key messages that need to be told.

  • Presenting made brilliant

    A practical two-day programme enabling you to deliver compelling presentations

  •   Boom – body, voice & breath

    A focused one day programme showing you how to master your body, voice and breath

  • Presenting through storytelling

    How to use storytelling to capture an audience

  • 1:1 Presentation skills coaching

    Individual intensive coaching sessions

Trust us to...

  • Provide you with outstanding presenters as trainers
  • Leave you wanting more
  • Provide astute feedback and confidence boosting coaching