A well thought-out, rigorous assessment process reduces bias, improves recruitment outcomes and enhances the candidate experience.

The cost of lost output waiting for the new recruit to be fully up to speed coupled with the administrative costs of hiring are said to amount to an average of £30,000 per employee in the UK. With senior roles this cost dramatically increases.  The uses of appropriate testing and bespoke assessment centres is proven to enhance appointment success.

At Space2BE we have an assessment team, (separate to our executive coaching team) formed mostly of occupational psychologists, who specialise in partnering with you to support you in the design and execution of an effective recruitment assessment process.  This typically includes job profiling, virtual and face-to-face interviewing, psychometric testing and assessment centres.  Our solutions are in line with the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology’s comprehensive standard focused on the design and delivery of assessment centres.

The impact of our work in this space is experienced as accurate candidate assessments and clear recommendations for hire, non hire and development.


Our assessment team are highly experienced in this specialist discipline and are trained and qualified in a vast number of global psychometric tools enabling us the freedom to choose the right tool for your vacancy and business.

  • Psychometric assessments

    Qualified use of ability tests, personality questionnaires and competency-based assessments

  • Interviewing

    Highly credible, seasoned interviewers using competency-based interviewing techniques

  • Job profiling

    Profiling the job’s requirements to ensure accurate candidate matching

  • Assessment centres

    Bespoke design and delivery of assessment centres and detailed reports

  • Recruitment process design

    Design of fit-for-purpose process and tools

Trust us to

  • Understand the variety of tools available

  • Make tailored recommendations

  • Provide a professional assessment service

  • Maintain confidentiality