Michael Porter’s famous quote, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”, still stands. So too does the Japanese proverb, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. But what else is critical about strategy today? Shorter life cycles are changing the nature of strategic planning. What might be acceptable for one industry is not for another.

We are no longer surprised at the number of organisations, functions and teams that don’t have a strategy.  This fast paced, ever-changing world has reduced the necessity for five-year strategies but the best organisations continue to invest time and effort in ensuring that they have a fit-for-purpose strategy, over an appropriate timeframe,  that employees are engaged with and which is regularly reviewed.  The process of doing this is not without pain.  This is where we can help.

Space2BE’s senior consultants, including a Strategy Professor, are armed with the knowledge and expertise to facilitate you in the creation of strategic architecture that drives your performance focus.  We provide you with process, frameworks, stakeholder engagement consultancy support and facilitation. We facilitate strategic conversations from both the external and internal perspectives.  We often use our ‘storytelling’ experts to bring an experiential aspect to this work.  If your strategy requirements happen to be in the subject of people, culture and performance then we provide subject matter expertise too. You may choose to hire us to support you in the annual planning and review cycle or for a short term boost of expertise and direction.  Strategic execution is even more important, so our work doesn’t have to stop there.

Hiring us to help with your strategy can bring advanced alignment among key stakeholders, a faster route to a written, workable strategy, and a renewed sense of purpose achieved through positive, constructive facilitation.


We support organisations with their strategic planning process using Space2BE’s nine-step strategic planning process.  We can facilitate and support you with the writing of your strategies or we can engage you in the process and then write them for you. Afterwards, you can ask us to work with leaders in helping them embed the strategy across your business.

  • Organisational Strategies

    End-to-end process, high quality output for broader communication

  • People Strategies

    End-to-end process, subject matter expertise, high quality output for broader communication

Trust us to

  • Provide you with strategy and subject matter experts

  • Facilitate effectively for positive co-creation
  • Create effective strategic employee engagement processes
  • Maintain confidentiality