Sadly, the phrase ‘women in leadership’ still exists and is frequently used within our industry because statistics remind us that equality in the workplace still hasn’t been reached.  We use it here to identify a service line that is specifically designated to supporting women fulfil their full potential in leadership roles.

Recent figures still show that women only make up 29% of hires to UK boards. The proportion of women in senior management teams is much lower. Enlightened organisations are now recognising the need to invest proactively in building the female talent pipeline – and critically, recognise the need to consider that there might be inherent organisational challenges which are contributing to the problem.

Space2BE have identified some areas where we can help in this space.  Organisationally, we consult and work with key stakeholders at the systemic level to explore the landscape for female talent and support accordingly.  Individually, we provide tailored coaching and training for female talent. Afterwards, they are supported in group supervision which provides an ongoing confidential network where real challenges can be discussed.

The impact of working strategically and tactically with us in this way is an improved, more inclusive culture, a stronger female talent pipeline and greater performance.


We provide support across the spectrum of consultancy, coaching, training and measurement.  Challenges of these kind are systemic therefore the project is far more than ‘just coaching and training’.  To guide you appropriately our selected coaches and consultants for this work are trained specifically in systemic methods.

  • Stakeholder consultancy

    Exploring the organisational dimension

  • Executive coaching

    Bespoke for female talent

  • Bespoke development workshops

    Three workshops run in succession: The better me, The bigger me, The true me

  • Group supervision

    Confidential female network

  • Pulse feedbacks

    Anonymous pulse checks fed back to key stakeholders

Trust us to

  • Understand the bigger organisational picture
  • Work with you sensitively to explore the broader system
  • Partner with you in creating appropriate changes
  • Provide you with systemic trained coaches and consultants
  • Maintain confidentiality