Board & leadership meeting facilitation

External objective facilitation for critical meetings


The success of a business, in many cases, comes down to the effectiveness (or otherwise) of its board and leadership meetings. Whether it’s a six-monthly strategic off-site meeting, a quarterly board meeting or a monthly leadership team meeting, the average cost of a senior executive get-together – in terms of salary and travel costs alone – increases the pressure for them to be effective and productive. But do your senior meetings focus on the real issues that need to be resolved? Would it be better for the Chair / CEO / HRD / Team Leader to be fully engaged as a participant as opposed to a meeting leader?

Our board and leadership meeting facilitation offering is designed to maximise the effectiveness of these events. Outsource the design and delivery of an effective meeting to us, so you can be sure the right strategic conversations take place in a way that is good for business.

As leaders, chairs, consultants and coaches, the senior team at Space2BE have facilitated a myriad of leadership meetings across a broad spectrum of sectors. We draw on our extensive experience and training in facilitation, team coaching, leadership training and consulting to be the guiding hand you need on that day.

Meeting facilitation ultimately will bring better quality decision-making and productivity to the top of the organisation, which in turn contributes to improved employee engagement and results. Individuals in the room will be more motivated and feel a real sense of progress.

The strategy workshop was engaging, impactful and thought provoking - it was presented well and allowed for healthy debate with peers from across the business.

Operations Director - Ramsdens Plc

Trust us to...

Partner with you to create meetings that matter in times when both efficiency and effectiveness are paramount. Specifically we will:

Get in touch

Be objective

Be skilled

Support your agenda beyond the actual event

Facilitate your executives through difficulties