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Brilliantly delivered compelling arguments build brand reputation and gain influence


If you’re called to promote, protect or defend your company’s brand – be sure you know what you’re doing!
As a senior leader, it is imperative that you have the confidence and capabilities to speak effectively with journalists and undertake public speaking engagements on behalf of your organisation. Executive presence both internally and externally is often an area that can be continually improved. Might your own ‘leadership brand’ benefit from an impact upgrade in of the following areas?: Presentation, public speaking, developing compelling arguments to gain influence, enhancing your companies brand reputation, articulating the commercials, powering up your brand values, delivering authoritative pitches and handling awkward questions from journalists?

Former Sky News and CNBC Europe news anchor and experienced media trainer, Hannah O’Sullivan, is Space2BE’s lead consultant in this space. She specialises in one-to-one coaching up to CEO level and is highly valued for her discretion, diligence and careful respect for brand reputations. Clients come to Hannah for coaching on presentation and personal impact, media training, crisis communications, business public speaking, financial presentations, script-writing, commercial influencing and industrial relations messaging.

The breadth of her experience means she can adapt to her clients’ needs and offer support using trademarked tools and techniques that deliver both immediate and long-term impact.

The impact of her work is experienced by each executive she works with and the businesses they represent. The return on investment for protecting brand reputation is high.

Thanks for your support. (The board member’s) presentation was excellent and a brilliant delivery was achieved with the BBC. A job well done

Communications agency, London.

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