Executive Mentoring

Guided and supported by a more experienced, knowledgeable other


Executive mentoring is simply the process whereby an external executive mentor becomes the trusted advisor, confidante, guide, sounding board, supporter and confidential ‘functional’ developer of an internal executive.

It is likely that you are a seasoned senior director who has all the skills and capabilities to do the job, but who would benefit from having a confidential executive mentor – someone who has held similar and bigger roles to you in the past. Alternatively, you may have responsibility for talent and want to source senior mentors as part of your senior succession plan.

At Space2BE we undertake a mentor matching process which pairs clients with mentors who have similar professional expertise, career path and/or executive position. You will not be disappointed by the quality and credibility of our board-level mentors. We believe that mentoring is fundamentally different to executive coaching and always make sure that the boundaries are not crossed. Our mentors are well-versed in quality mentoring, and have signed up to our Space2BE mentoring code of conduct.

The benefits of executive mentoring include enhanced confidence and effectiveness, and better decision-making.

Trust us to...

Partner with you to provide outstanding programmes for executive talent that encapsulate the latest thinking and approaches to facilitate the maximising of sustainable performance.
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Provide full confidentiality

Match and provide mentors of excellent quality

Create a bespoke mentoring programme

Evaluate the results

Ensure our work with you draws on the latest thinking on talent