High Performing Teams

Ensuring the “whole” really is greater than the sum of its parts


High-performance teams need a shared purpose, an agreed strategy, aligned values and realistic ways of working in order to harness their collective expertise, focus their individual efforts and maximise output. Yet too often, high performers’ personal strengths don’t blend effectively to deliver on business-critical objectives.

You are likely to be responsible for a leadership or management team that is simply not performing, or need to shift gears from ‘good’ to ‘great’ for the sake of business efficiency, decision-making, morale, leadership, employee engagement, customer focus and performance.

At Space2BE our HPT consultants have a diverse range of experience working in, leading and developing high-performing teams in varying contexts for over 20 years. We use a variety of cognitively engaging workshops and creative off-site experiential experiences that work to create a deep awareness and improve the relationship dynamics.

Building trust and the ability to have deep honest dialogue is key to our work. In a world populated by virtual and global teams, this is more important than ever.

Organisationally the impact is most definitely a team that delivers better performance. Individually, people taking part in the programme say they are happier (due to improved working relationships) and more able to deliver their work effectively because of enhanced cooperation from team colleagues.

We achieved a real clarity of purpose around the practical problem that we were addressing during this team build … the day was further enhanced by the positive energy and enthusiasm of our facilitator. It couldn’t be improved. One of the best team training days I have ever been to.

UK Group Tax Director, Diageo Plc. London

We all know that the performance of a business is directly linked to the performance of its people… Through spending time working together on the issues associated with HPT, we were able to build mutual understanding, develop trust and to get our leadership team focused on the ‘bigger picture’. It takes time, but local ‘silo’-based local attitudes are disappearing and trust continues to build, allowing people to expand their local performance, that feeds into the greater success of the whole Group.

CEO, Sigma Aerospace

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