Resilience and Wellbeing

A necessity for everyday working lives


A focus upon Resilience and Wellbeing has become an ‘essential’ part of leadership life – it can no longer be just a ‘desirable’ or a luxury for the fortunate few. Our ever more complex, fast paced and disruptive working environments have placed unprecedented pressures on people in every part of our working world and necessitated new conversations and greater compassion. There is a growing acceptance that equipping our leaders and staff with the skills and tools to enhance their long term resilience and wellness, is both essential to organisational sustainability and an ethical imperative.

According to the well researched Resilience at Work R@W model, being resilient at work means: Managing the everyday stress of work while staying healthy; rebounding and learning from unexpected setbacks and preparing for future challenges in a proactive way. Their scale measures your personal workplace resilience and that of your team.

At Space2BE we help individuals, teams and entire organisations improve their resilience and employee wellbeing. We already have established experience in this area, plus we’ve added qualifications in a range of resilience & wellbeing tools to our our offering to ensure maximum help to our clients during these challenging times.

We have coaches and facilitators qualified in:

  • The R@W Toolkit which is a complementary suite of measures that recognises the inter-relatedness of employee, leader and team behavior at work. The measures can be used independently or collectively, dependent on the circumstances.
  • Heartmath – A system of techniques, models and biofeedback technologies for emotional self-awareness and self-regulation, aimed at helping individuals achieve optimal heart rate coherence.
  • Tools from the Penn Resilience Programme, the world-renowned programme rolled out in the US military and in UK schools, as well as corporate, healthcare and government settings, which focuses on developing the skills of flexible and resilient thinking.
  • The BeTalent Resilience Questionnaire, used to support individual coaching and team workshops, to focus on developing the resilience of your people and supporting their mental wellbeing.

In addition, a number of our coaches are qualified Mental Health First Aiders with the MHFA, so have an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing, as well as the practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues and the knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to further support.

The positive impact of our resilience & wellbeing work is experienced most acutely by individuals as they gain control over their lives, work and health and improve overall outcomes. Ultimately this improves team and organisation performance. It leads to a healthier talent pipeline, better business culture and improved long term results.

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Raise the capabilities of your talent by drawing on; the latest thinking on the topic, our ability to apply this pragmatically to your context, a depth of development training expertise, specialist knowledge of creating transformative on-line spaces for those programmes that need it and critically, the ’in the moment’ skills of our high impact trainers.
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