Example Projects

From the hundreds of projects we have completed since 2003 here are some examples across our 3 consultancy practices:

Strategy & People Consultancy

Global Culture Change at a Tier 1 Aerospace Supplier

Space2BE led this 18 month programme working with the Main and Exec Boards in addition to the Management Teams to create a high performing culture across the UK and China.

Culture Change with a Major Multinational

Space2BE supported the diagnostic, recommendation and engagement process for culture improvement working with a Board of a major multinational business.

Strategy Creation for an International Charity Federation

Space2BE supported 12 CEO’s and facilitated the development of a global strategy across 12 countries and then the member engagement process.

Leading & Managing Change for a Leadership Team with a Retail Multinational

Space2BE designed and delivered a bespoke programme targeting specific needs post COVID to support Director teams with delivering large scale change projects.

High Performance Teamwork for an IT function across Major Multinational Retailer

Space2BE facilitated the bringing together of hearts and minds to enable high performing team work across a global function, for a period of 18 months.

Strategy and Value Creation at large National Charity

Space2BE supported the CEO and her leadership team for 12 months in co-creating a 5 year strategic plan, aligned values and detailed delivery plans for this multi-site operation.

Business, People & Talent Strategy for National ChildCare Provider

Space2BE led this 9 month project to create bespoke aligned business and functional strategies, supporting talent processes and up-skill leaders and managers in its implementation.

Change Consultancy for an Aerospace Supplier

Space2BE consulted on cultural change for 12 months culminating in a series of psychologically based storytelling telling workshops to engage employees in the future of the business and supporting them to ‘leave the past behind’.

Board Effectiveness for an International Engineering Consultancy

Space2BE provided diagnostic and development support to enhance Board Effectiveness.

Building High Performing Teams across a Multinational Retail Business

Space2BE led numerous programmes across various functions and regions creating bespoke development support to enable each team to become even more high performing.

Building a Newly Formed Executive Team for a national Pub Retailer and Brewer

Space2BE provided executive coaching and high performing team building sessions to support the coming together of this newly formed executive team.

People Strategy Development for Global Services Provider

Space2BE led on this 6 month strategy project to create a 5 year strategy with underpinning plans that was fully owned by all 14 international stakeholders.

Board Level Strategy and High Performing Team Development for Global Prison Provider

Space2BE led on this 9 month programme to develop shared strategic goals and build a culture of high performance across this team of prison governors.

Employer Brand and Recruitment Assessment Support for a Medium Sized Financial Services Firm

Space2BE provided consultancy support to create an attractive employer brand and then designed and delivered several fit for purpose, highly professional recruitment assessment days for this growing financial services business.

People Strategy, Management Team Engagement & Capability Building for a London based Childcare Provider

Space2BE led on this 1 year consultancy programme to provide the strategic infrastructure to support a performance culture, ran engagement conferences and delivered leadership training to support implementation and the change process.

Talent Management Strategy and Processes working with UK Leadership Team of a High Street Retailer.

Space2BE guided and supported the UK leadership team in creating a winning talent process for their ethically aligned business

Trusted Advisor for a Prestige International Retailer

Space2BE provided thinking partnership for the HR Director and supported the people strategy design process.

Talent Management Consultancy for an International Financial Services business.

Space2BE supported the HRD in providing hands on consultancy and support for developing Succession Planning and Career Development Frameworks post engagement with key stakeholders.

Downsizing for a National Charity.

Space2BE led and provided practical support for a significant re-structuring project for a national charity.

Talent Management and Workforce Development across the Further Education Sector

Space2BE supported a specialist FE consultancy in providing talent management strategy and process support to leadership teams across the FE sector over a period of 5 years.

Strategy Creation & Board Development for International Charity

Space2BE supported the Board of a Charity with their strategic plan and team cohesion.

Organisation Development for a National Charity

Space2BE provided strategy, communication and leadership consultancy and development over a period of 4 years for the executive team and and their managers.

People Strategy Development for a Growing High Street Retailer Planning for floatation

Space2BE provided leading edge thinking and practical ideas for the people strategy for a business that was heading towards floatation (successfully executed in 2019).

High Performing Team Challenge Sessions for High Performing FTSE 50 Business.

Space2BE provided numerous team challenge experiences supporting several leadership teams with their strategies, relationships and team performance.

National and Team Strategy Creation for National Charity

Space2BE led on a bespoke strategy cascade process for a national charity delivering easy to understand strategic goals, frameworks and plans.

Collaboration and Strategic Alignment for Coalition of Similar Charities

Space2BE led on the shared strategy process for numerous similar charities with view to maximising collaboration and value generation.

Strengthening Talent Streams at Major Energy Supplier

Space2BE provided consultancy support in the area of talent streams and career pathways for their customer service division.

Building Brand, Values and Strategy at Niche Digital Consultancy

Space2BE provided the executive team of this innovative business bespoke facilitated strategy workshops to support their growth.

High Performing Team Building for Global Media Company.

Space2BE provided HPT building for leadership teams at the UK arm of a global media company.

Raising the Bar for UK HR Function in Global Engineering Business.

Space2BE worked in partnership with the HR Director to redefine the HR functions support to the business; creating new strategies and plans, and engaging the team.

Executive & Leadership Effectiveness

Women in Leadership for Multinational Business.

Space2BE led on long term consultancy project to support strategic thinking and capability enhancement in support of women and greater diversity and inclusion.

Provision of Executive Coaching Faculty for Multinational Retailer

Space2BE provided 1:1 executive coaching to assessed top talent in support of succession planning over a number of years.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring for C-Suite talent for a Global Consultancy

Space2BE provided targeted hybrid executive coaching and mentoring programme drawing on faculty expertise for top talent.

Executive Coaching for C-Suite talent at an Investment Bank

Space2BE provided 1:1 executive coaching to several top talent at an investment bank in London.

Crisis Comms and Executive Presence for Multinational Business.

Space2BE provided 1:1 support to senior talent in the space of comms and leadership impact.

Executive Coaching for Key Talent for a Global Music Business

Space2BE provided 1:1 executive coaching for a leader in support of her succession to a senior role.

Executive Coaching for Senior Directors in Prestige Retailer

Space2BE provided 1:1 executive coaching to top talent in a high profile retailer.

Leadership Coaching in Local Government

Space2BE provided large council with 1:1 leadership coaching for key roles during times of significant change.

Management Coaching at National Charity.

Space2BE provided a faculty of leadership coaches for key managerial roles with large responsibilities.

Executive Coaching of Senior Directors at Global Consultancy Firm.

Space2BE provided 1:1 executive coaching for several senior directors for the London office of this professional services firm.

Impact Coaching for Public Facing Director at Investment Bank.

Space2BE provided a bespoke programme of support to meet this specific need.

Executive Coaching at Head Office of Global FMCG.

Space2BE provided numerous 1:1 executive coaching programmes supporting key talent across numerous functions.

Executive Offsite for Leading Gaming Business

Space2BE created a bespoke team development experience for the executive leadership team of this leading gaming business.


1:1 Executive Coaching Across for UK Media Business

Space2BE provided executive coaching for several leaders for this successful (now global) media business.

Capability Building Programmes

Leading and Managing Change Roll Out for International Retailer

Space2BE designed a 4 day hybrid programme to support circa 200 leaders who were themselves going through change, and then to support those same leaders in equipping them to deliver change.

Global Influence & Impact training for FTSE 20 business

Space2BE designed and delivered high impact training to support circa 200 senior managers in achieving their strategic goals through effective influencing across UK, Ireland and Africa.

Leadership Development Programmes for Global Engineering Business

Space2BE designed and delivered a serious of leadership development programmes for this London based Head Quarters.

Stakeholder Management for Functional Leadership Team at Multinational

Space2BE designed and delivered a bespoke programme to support specific stakeholder challenges across a large business

Leadership Development Modules for a National Construction Business to circa 100 team leaders and managers.

Space2BE provided consultancy and leadership development in support of the partnership effectiveness of a large team with one of their key clients (one of S2B’s long term clients).

Inspiring Performance Programme for circa 150 Directors across a Critical Function in Leading Retailer

Space2BE designed and delivered a bespoke ‘inspiring performance’ programme to help shift the leadership conversation in support of sustainable high performance.

Leadership Development at Global Advertising Business.

Space2BE led the design and delivery of numerous leadership development programmes to support head office teams shift from good to great.

High Performance Coaching Programme for National Charity.

Space2BE delivered a full HPC programme for circa 50 managers and leaders across a national charity.

Change Management for an International Retailer.

Space2BE delivered a bespoke programme to support senior management team embrace the change they personally were going through and then, lead others through a significant change process.

Mentoring Training for UK Service Provider.

Space2BE delivered a bespoke mentoring training programme for identified internal mentors for a multisite UK service provider.

Influencing Skills for Leading Pub Retailer and Brewer

Space2BE led on designing and delivering a bespoke influencing skills training programme for managers across a major UK brewing business.

Negotiation Skills Enhancement for Local Authority.

Space2BE provided 1:1 coaching on negotiation skills for senior managers leading on major contract negotiations at a local authority.

Resilience Building for Senior Directors across Major Business.

Space2BE provided 1:1 resilience coaching for leaders during COVID.

Mastering Time at a Leading Pub Retailer

Space2BE provided a unique ‘Mastering Time’ programme for middle managers at major UK pub retailer.

Co-Creating A New Model of Leadership

We guided a newly created group of six business to take a participatory approach to create a leadership model fit for the 21st Century.