Capability Building Programmes

Once your business / organisation’s strategy and underpinning people strategy has been updated, perhaps having used one of our two service arms (Strategy and people consultancy & Executive & Leadership Effectiveness) you will undoubtably need to build relevant capabilities to deliver your strategy.
Space2BE provides face to face, virtual and hybrid capability building programmes for every leadership and people capability, using Space2BE’s unique approach to building capabilities.
We will partner with you to co-create a bespoke programme that delivers your the exact required behavioural and leadership impact required to execute your strategy. Examples of these programmes are ‘leaders as coaches’, ‘inspiring performance’, ‘collaborative leadership’ and ‘influence and impact’.

Leaders as Coaches

An optimal blend of leadership coaching skills and practical application for organisational life

Inspiring Performance

Becoming that leader that inspires others to deliver their best work

Collaborative Leadership

Developing skills for a new way of working in a connected and joined up world

Negotiation Skills

Developing your CORE business skill

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to recognise ones own and others' emotions and know how to manage themselves and others in different contexts

Influence & Impact

A key competency for top performers

Resilience and Wellbeing

A focus upon Resilience and Wellbeing has become an ‘essential’ part of leadership life

Presentation Skills

Lighting up the room with your message

Creating Transformative Spaces Online

Virtual Organisation Development

The coaching has been challenging and transformational

The high performing team experience exceeded my expectations…

High Performance Sales

Developing the Mindset and Functional skills you need to drive Sales growth