Emotional Intelligence

The ability to recognise ones own and others' emotions and know how to manage themselves and others in different contexts


The term Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) was coined in 1990 in a research paper by two psychology professors, John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey. It was popularised by Rutgers psychologist Dan Goleman in his 1996 book of the same name and later in 1998, in what has become one of the Harvard Business Review’s most enduring articles, “What Makes a Leader”. In the HBR article, Goleman states unequivocally:

“The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: they all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence. It’s not that IQ and technical skills are irrelevant. They do matter, but…they are the entry-level requirements for executive positions. My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but (they) still won’t make a great leader”.

At Space2BE we run a carefully-researched development workshop that helps you develop your emotional intelligence. Led by a senior consultant and occupational psychologist, this programme takes you on a journey that deepens your self-awareness, equips you with self-management tools and builds greater capacity for positive engagement with others.

The impact individually is the advancement of this critical life and business skill. Organisationally, increased emotional intelligence leads to enhanced relationships, greater team effectiveness, and better results.

Trust us to...

Raise the capabilities of your talent by drawing on; the latest thinking on the topic, our ability to apply this pragmatically to your context, a depth of development training expertise, specialist knowledge of creating transformative on-line spaces for those programmes that need it and critically, the ’in the moment’ skills of our high impact trainers.
Specifically for this programme we will:
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Draw on the most robust thinking

Be supportive as we help individuals develop their self-awareness

Provide you with practical tools for improving this personal capability