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Executive coaching is a powerful way of increasing individual, team and organisational performance. It can also change your life. After investing as little as two hours a month, clients tend to notice improvements in how they feel, think and deliver.

Leadership can be a lonely place. The world of work has become increasingly complex, competitive and ambiguous. Leaders need a safe place to reflect, learn, grow, be challenged, plan, practise and be supported. You may be an executive or senior leader in need of confidential development support, or an HR Director or CEO looking to source a highly credible and competent team of executive coaches to use in your business. Or you may need a knowledgeable partner to manage your coaching programmes. Either way, we can help.

Our executive coaches are adept at successfully coaching leaders across global businesses. As well as extensive ‘real job’ and consultancy experience, we have significant skills gained through first-class executive coaching training, qualifications and ongoing best-practice supervision. Cumulatively, this allows us to work with relevant behavioural, psychological and coaching techniques, as well as business strategies and leadership tools, creating powerful insights and outstanding, pragmatic results.

The impact of our coaching work is seen in many ways. For organisations – a healthier talent pipeline, better leadership, better business results and higher employee engagement. For individuals – promotion, new ways of thinking and feeling, positive and in some cases significant life changes, greater self-acceptance and confidence, more happiness, improved skills, enhanced self-awareness, resilience and greater determination.

We provide coaching solutions to raise organisational performance by creating space to think strategically and creatively, and build confidence and capability. Our coaching philosophy is based on raising self-awareness and improving capacity for self-reflection. We aim to create a safe, skilled space to voice the unspoken, facilitate new decision making, support behavioural change, provide robust challenge and feedback, share knowledge and shift mindsets.

Space2BE have been providing a number of our leaders and managers with executive coaching since 2013. The measured outcomes have been excellent and without exception each coachee has found the experience to be positive, enlightening and aligned to our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Space2BE for their professional executive coaching and leadership development services.

Managing Director - Multinational Retailer

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Partner with you to provide outstanding programmes for executive and leadership talent that encapsulate the latest thinking, methodologies and ways of being to facilitate the maximising of sustainable performance.
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Offer a robust coach matching process and bespoke your programme

Work with you to evaluate the impact and link to your bottom line

Maintain confidentiality

Provide professionally qualified executive coaches with proven track records and corporate experience

Engage your business in a three-cornered contract to measure and support progress effectively