Corporate Wellness

Taking care of 'the whole' to drive sustainable performance


Corporate wellness or corporate wellbeing programmes are integrated approaches to health and well-being in the workplace that nurture heightened levels of employee engagement.

As the pace of organisational life continues to soar and pressures on employees continue to rise it is often said that we are approaching a ‘tipping point’ when it comes to employee wellbeing. We rely on our people to perform at their best. To achieve consistent peak performance, our teams need to be of healthy mind and body. If we achieve this, long term business sustainability and growth is more achievable. Increasing pressures on both employers and employees is creating a landscape that calls for increased focus on building healthier workplaces (CIPD). Significant survey data indicate numerous challenges.

At Space2BE we have a variety of corporate wellness products that sit under our own umbrella of helping organisations ensure that their leaders and employees are ‘fit to focus’.

This incorporates three critical elements; mental, physical and emotional resilience so that in turn, both your business and your people achieve sustainable health. We have a multi-talented team of wellness professionals – all with a corporate focus. Where required we incorporate mini programmes in to our leadership development programmes.

Organisationally, the impacts cited are often around engagement and performance. For individuals, people talk about the physical aspects of weight loss and fitness, the mental shifts in attitude and motivation and lower stress levels.

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