Leadership Assessment

Proactively identifying the strengths and potential in your talent pool


Leadership assessment gives you a clear view of the bench strength of your leadership talent. This is done by isolating the leadership attributes relevant to your organisation, and assessing the strengths (and any capability gaps) of each person against these attributes.

As the world becomes more ambiguous and complex, the role of current and future leaders becomes ever more critical. It’s essential that you understand the skills that you have available, and how you will fill leadership roles in the future; an effective succession plan is a standard requirement for any medium and large business and leadership assessment data will help you inform these decisions.

At Space2BE we have an excellent team of occupational psychologists and qualified assessors who will design you a bespoke assessment experience, help you make sense of the results and support the individuals with sensitive, constructive feedback. We have access to a vast range of highly relevant psychometrics and assessment processes with global industry specific benchmark data and are not bound to any of them. A separate team within our business can then help you develop your leaders through executive coaching and/or a bespoke leadership programme should the results suggest that this is required.

Investing in leadership assessment will pay dividends in strengthening your talent pipeline for key roles in your business.

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