About Space2BE

Working with us

Our values

Corporate & social responsibility



Getting to know one another

We start by understanding your business values, goals and ways of working. As an outcome of this conversation we will send you an exciting proposal that will assure you of our competence in these spaces so you can relax and begin to delegate.



Scoping out what’s important

We spend time in your business to understand what makes it unique.  We then scope out a programme solution aligned to your business strategy with a joined up implementation plan that will inspire your sponsors.


Programme Launch

Delivering excellence

This is where we engage your people with an informed, game-changing intervention that is enjoyable, challenging and relevant. We take them on a journey of self discovery; mindset, emotional and physical transition, as they move towards optimal performance.



Making the difference

Most of our programmes include bespoke opportunities to embed the learning after we’ve left the building.  These consistently deliver you a greater return on investment.


Management & Celebration

Measuring the outcome

A mixture of real time participant feedback and mid and long term evaluations capture the evidence of our impact for you. Where possible we agree a bottom line measure to evaluate.  Celebration is optional.