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Finance is the universal language of business. It is the language used to describe, explain and evaluate the results of all actions and decisions taken by management. This ranges from the results of routine trading, through evaluation of major investment decisions to the understanding of the overall performance of the organisation.

High-performing boards are typified by robust debate, both challenging and supportive, leading to high-quality decision making. This is impossible unless everybody around the table is well-versed in the required skills and terminology. Finance cannot be simply left to the CFO. Apart from legal issues, such as joint and several liability, each member owes it to the group to understand the commercial consequences of the collective actions.

At Space2BE we are delighted to have Andy Meehan as our expert in this space. As a young CFO, Andy was often frustrated that his colleagues didn’t always get what he was talking about and began to develop commercial awareness programmes for boards and senior managers. Since then he has transitioned from CFO to CEO to non-executive chair of several organisations and always makes sure his teams have a high level of commercial awareness. This has been one of the most profitable uses of his time and recognises that many senior colleagues are secretly embarrassed at the gaps in their knowledge and actually welcome the chance to learn in an appropriately tailored way.

The business impact is clear. Whether you are a PLC, privately owned or not-for-profit, a high level of commercial awareness means the quality of the analysis is high, and so is the debate and therefore the decision-making is at the level it needs to be to achieve the desired outcomes. It is really noticeable.

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