Everything Starts In The Mind

  • Leadership: Are your leaders appropriately equipped and supported to deliver? How would you describe the prevailing leadership style in your business?
  • Strategy: Do you have one? Is it fit for purpose? To what extent is it lived? Does each function and team have aligned strategies?
  • Employees: Are they engaged, inspired and proud to work for you or is the opposite true?
  • Culture: Does it feel like your values and strategy want it to feel? Where does ‘high performing’ fit in? What about kind and compassionate?
  • Teams: Do you have a successful way of building great teams in your business? Does teamwork enhance or lower performance?
  • Design: Does your structure help or hinder performance effectiveness given the required speed to market?
  • Talent: Are your top performers receiving support or expected to navigate and continue to perform alone?
  • Metrics: Are you using the right people and performance metrics?
  • Executive board: Are they asking you these questions? Is your board having the right impact on the business?