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How engaged are you feeling right now?  If you are living and working in the UK and care about our productivity and capability as a nation, consider some of the facts collated and summarized by the CIPD:

As a board member, leader, manager or HR practitioner, it is essential that employee engagement is on your 2014 objectives.
This video put together by Engage for Success will help with providing you a reality check on how you might do this: “The rest of the world isn’t going to wait around for us to get it” epitomizes exactly how I feel about this subject.  Any remaining difficulty between our leaders and employees needs to be overcome as we have a common interest in raising our engagement to keep us competitive now and tomorrow, in the face of fierce global competition.  If the UK wants to stay on the map we have to find ways to raise employee engagement. The debate is shifting from proving that employee engagement raises bottom line performance – numerous research studies have proven this.  The current debate is how best to raise it.  The locus of engagement is also now seen as key.
We presented at a CIPD meeting last week on employee engagement.  Some of the HR professionals in the room completed our ‘mini’ holistic ENGAGE diagnostic beforehand.  Even with a relatively small sample we felt the following findings were significant as they reinforced our research and recent consultancy experiences: Engagement stats Clearly there is still a lot to do in these basic areas before we can achieve high engagement levels.
Whilst employee engagement is one of the areas we support organizations with, it is actually the umbrella of everything else we do: We can help you in three ways:

1 – You can use our generic holistic engagement diagnostic, which is based on research and experience and critically places brand, customers and employees at the heart of your engagement model.
2 – You can ask us to bespoke our core diagnostic engagement tool to align with your strategy, values and behaviours.
3 – Once we have the engagement data and understand the locus of engagement for different populations, we can help you engage your teams. We do so using fun, innovative and business aligned methods to raise ‘emotional’ engagement rather than ‘transactional’ engagement. Our approach makes it easy for us to engage large audiences in relatively short periods of time.

I would like to say thank you to Engage for Success for the materials and insights they have shared.  They are doing great work on raising employee engagement throughout the UK.  If you want to get involved check out: We hope this has been useful.

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