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Andy Meehan is someone who channels 30 years’ experience, accrued through the holding of top-level corporate roles in sectors ranging from fashion to funeral care, to the considerable benefit of those he mentors.

Introducing him to you is a pleasure and, should you work with him, you will understand why, as every piece of knowledge he disseminates is delivered in a refreshingly honest way.  Giving straight answers, to even the most probing of questions, is very much his mentoring style.

Andy, an Oxford University graduate in Politics and Economics, relishes nurturing and developing senior board-level executives. He encourages problem-solving approaches, whilst enriching mentees’ knowledge with insight gained as a Finance Director and Chief Executive for brands such as Selfridges, Mothercare and Co-operative Retail Services.

His current Chair and executive positions span not just retail but healthcare, higher education and the not-for-profit sector.  With business skills honed within many types of corporate entity, his breadth of knowledge is exceptional, whether you need guidance in mergers and acquisitions, leadership, corporate restructuring or a wide range of other areas.

Preparing talented leaders for their next role, whether that will be as a CEO, CFO, COO or new NED, is something Andy embraces with passion, with this encompassing a focus on the role of teams as a driver of sustained growth.

Andy’s style is no-nonsense, so not a minute is wasted, but with a strong vein of humour running through his mentoring, learning never feels like a chore.  Every session is realistic, informative and managed by someone whose approachability makes him a joy to work with.

Be prepared for Andy to come straight down the line at you and ask you what is happening in your business right now, in real-time, and what is occurring outside in the wider environment.  Knowing your own situation and the issues beyond your four walls is where he believes business strategy and business forecasting is rooted.

To find out more about Andy’s experience to date, just visit our team page. To explore how he, or any of our other 45-strong executive coaches, leadership, change & OD consultants, can share their expertise with your business or charity, reach out to us today via  call us 020 8720 6991.