Executive Coaching

Research project: Executive Coaching – In What Way Did You Change?

As highly qualified, experienced and accredited Executive Coaches we are committed to continually understanding the impact of our work.  This qualitative questionnaire serves to keep us close to these outcomes.  If you’ve recently received some executive coaching and would like to take part in this research please click the button below.

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Research project: My Experience of Change. 

This project is relevant to you if you’ve just been through an organisational change.  We’d like to hear how it went.  Our organisations are shifting fast… are people being left behind?  We are aiming to compare the well known guidance on ‘managing and leading change’ with the current reality of how it is being done.  Would you like to take part?

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High Performing Teams

Research project: High Performing Teams

In the last year, you’ve been part of a team development experience that intended to improve your team effectiveness. Did it work?  What changed?  How did this happen?  What was useful? What didn’t change that needed to? If you’d like to participate in this research please click the button below.

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Leadership Development

Research project: What are the top three essential leadership behaviours required across organisations right now and why?  

If you work, then you will have a view on this!  We’d love to hear it.

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At Space2BE we conduct quantitative and qualitative research from which we gather insights that we share with our clients and build upon to create products that support profitable sustainable growth for individuals, teams and businesses. Our philosophy towards research is pragmatism.

Many of our consultants have advanced degrees in behavioural sciences which underpins our understanding, curiosity and capacity for such work as we strive to deliver mastery in our field. We are passionate about staying connected to our current and future clients and their current and future work forces. We invite you to take part in our research programmes and discover together for combined enhanced understanding.

Participation will automatically entitle you to a copy of the research findings.